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Encouraging multidisciplinary discussion, a key for successful cancer care in the DRCongo

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Coordinator: Dr. Zola Musimar

Secretary: Dr. Patrick Manshimba

In charge of Cooperation: Dr. Vandrome Nakundi

In charge of prevention: Dr. Emmanuel Bambi

Treasurer : Mr. Gentil Ishara

Board of Trustees

Co-Founder: Dr. Vandrome Nakundi

Co-founder: Dr. Zola Musimar

Dr. Patrick Manshimba

Dr. Emmanuel Bambi

Mr. Gentil Ishara

Mr. Eddy Dushime

Dr. Placide Mbala

Dr. Jean Ricky Mobando

Dr. Achille Mbandazo

Dr. Didier Kasay

Dr. Miansi Manika

Dr. Jean Louis Mangwele


Ph. Youhanna William

Mr. Francis Nkomba Luyeye

Honorary Member

Prof. Dr. Thierry Muanza

Ass. Professor-Department of Oncology- Faculty of Medicine-McGill University-Canada

Dr. Zola Musimar
Dr. Patrick Manshimba


Mr. Gentil Ishara


Mr. Eddy Dushime

Software Engineer

Dr. Emmanuel Bambi

In charge of prevention

Dr. Vandrome Nakundi

In charge of Cooperation