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Encouraging multidisciplinary discussion, a key for successful cancer care in the DRCongo

Introduction of multi-disciplinary discussion for cancer care in the DRCongo

The NGO has established in collaboration with the Ministry of Health via its Organ dedicated for cancer care and prevention (“Centre National de Lutte Contre le Cancer CNCLC”), a weekly discussion of the management of cancer patients presented in two main hospitals in the Capital city.

The online MDT is constituted by trained doctors in the field of Medical and Radiation Oncology, Surgery, Pathology and Radiology.

The discussion is focused on the appropriate treatment for presented patients, taking into account the balance between evidence-based recommendations and available resources.

For instance, the Country has one linear accelerator (radiotherapy machine), the radiotherapy demand outstrips the supply, in order to decrease treatment delays resulting in increased mortality in one hand, and limit access to care determined by the social privilege or first-come first-served basis on the other hand, the decision for treatment is based on a pragmatic radiotherapy framework using rigorous application of evidence and ethical framework.

Once the treatment approach is decided, the cost of treatment is covered by the Ministry of health of the DRC.


Multidisciplinary care requires a highly trained team of medical, nursing and allied health professionals who consider all relevant treatment options and cooperative recommendations on individualized treatment and care policy for every patient.

Recently, the NGO has obtained the approval of the head of Medical Outpatient Unit at Gustave Roussy Hospital in France, Doctor Patricia Pautier, to be attending monthly at the MDT as well as her colleagues from Radiology, Pathology and Surgery departments.